Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Macarons of Seattle: An Excuse to Eat Cookies

Keeping with the theme of millions of posts about desserts for no reason--and also in honor of my upcoming visit to Paris--I’ve decided to tackle a macaron tasting tour of Seattle. “But what happened with the ice cream mission? Is there a winner of the Best Ice Cream in Seattle crown?” ask the 0 people who read my ice cream posts. Um, they were all good, so they all won. I’m a very sophisticated taster.

Will there be a winner of Best Macaron in Seattle? I’m not sure yet. I know I haven’t had my ideal macaron yet, so I suppose if I find it, that will be the winner. But I haven’t had one I hate, either. I’m very easy to please, especially when a rainbow of colors is involved.

As every dessert enthusiast knows, a macaron is a wonderful little French cookie comprised of two light, crispy, and perhaps chewy almond cookies with a creamy filling. They come in a variety of flavors with bright colors to match and are pretty much perfect in every way.