Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Long Rambly, or: The Update

The screen on the Chromebook broke so I have really been unable to update, since that would require prying Steve's Surface Pro away from him for something other than booking bus tickets. Right now, though, he's watching The Football soooo here's my chance!

"Where, perchance, did I leave off?" I wondered to myself, swirling a glass of Tesco budget whiskey and ginger beer with dangerously vigorous movements. And then Steve's Surface Pro broke. Well, it still works, but it has to be plugged in. Also, I didn't actually break it. But Steve may have broken the Chromebook, because I left it on the floor and he stood on it. He just now dropped a can of Stella on the carpet so I'm going to say everything is Steve's fault.

Really, though, I left off in Tbilisi, Georgia. It was definitely one of my favorite places. We intended to go elsewhere in Georgia but just...didn't. We went to a couple museums, including the National Gallery, which was small but had some very cool paintings. I highly recommend it. If, you know, you happen to be in Tbilisi. We also went to the sulfur baths twice, and it basically functioned as most of my showers for the week. If anyone wasn't sure yet whether I'm gross or not, there's your answer.